One less thing you, as a real estate agent, needs to worry about is what type of real estate photography package to purchase for your real estate photos. I’ve listed the basic requirements of an average sized house- 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. Here is how it would measure up:

Entryway- 1 photo

Living room- 2 photos

Dining room- 2 photos

Kitchen- Up to 3 photos

Master bedroom- 2 photos

Master bathroom– 1 photo

Bedrooms- 1 each (2 total)

Bathroom- 1 photo

So far- 14 photos and we haven’t gone outside!

Front- 2 photos

Backyard- 2 photos

Patio- 1 photo

Total- 19 photos

Oh! Don’t forget the laundry!

Laundry room- 1 photo

Total- 20 photos

Every house is different. Some variables might be the entryway, kitchen, balconies, and exterior photos. Sometimes these rooms and areas need more or less. Is there a balcony off of the master bedroom? If so, that would be 1 photo. If there are variables we have to take photos from somewhere else to cover the extras. This is why my packages are flexible. Twenty photos would cover a house under 1,800 sqft nicely.

As the number of bedrooms and bathrooms increase so would the photos. You could also calculate 2 photos for a family room and an extra photo for a breakfast nook or breakfast bar. If there is a separate family room I would recommend to go with the Median II for 25-30 photos, same if there are 4 bedrooms or more.

I hope this blog post helps you make a better decision when ordering your next real estate photography package. Maybe you thought you needed a bigger package? A smaller package might do the trick and the money you save could be put to good use by ordering a 3D virtual tour, professional flyers or a single property website! As always, good luck with the sale!