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Lower Hillsborough Estate

Doing real estate photography in Hillsborough is never dull. I feel fortunate that I am called upon frequently to photograph some of the finest estates the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer. There is no shortage of such estates in Lower Hillsborough. The homes in this coveted area have sprawling lawns, dramatic roof lines, and spectacular landscaping making for stunning exterior photos. The interiors of these homes in Hillsborough don’t disappoint either. Here are some interior photography examples of stately formal living rooms, stunning open staircases, luxurious Master Suites, and professional grade kitchens. This Hillsborough home is California real estate at its finest and was a pure joy to photograph. Click here for the listing of this home on Zillow. For information on my real estate photography and marketing services please visit my website: Rick Rowland Photography



Real Estate Photography in San Mateo County

Being a real estate photographer in San Mateo County means I have to cover a lot of ground.  San Mateo County extends as far south as Menlo Park and goes all the way to Daly City in the north. San Mateo County also covers a wide swath of the Peninsula Coast as well. The home featured today was photographed in one of my favorite San Mateo County cities- Pacifica. One a clear day Pacifica can offer some of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire Peninsula. Most of the time I travel to Pacifica to doa real estate listing shoot I think of the Pacific Coast as a backdrop for my photos. However, all of Pacifica’s beauty doesn’t lie on the coast alone.  This home, in the Linda Mar area of Pacifica, had spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and Sweeney Ridge.  The agent and I picked a perfect time to shoot this home that was facing to the southwest. The sun was high enough to cast light on both front and back yards and also low enough to cast a beautiful glow on the surrounding ridges. The extremely wet spring also helped to maintain the green color on the mountains to give it a colorful look that you wouldn’t find later in the season. We can’t always control the weather, the sun, and time of the shoot, but sometimes everything comes together perfectly aligned like this one.  For more information on my real estate photography services please see my website here: http://www.rcrphoto.com/

Real Estate Flyers- Residential Duplex

My real estate flyer service keeps me pretty busy. Most of the flyers I produce are for single family homes. However, I have done a few for multi-family real estate listings as well. Here is an example of a duplex that recently went into contract, as of the writing of this post, in Redwood City, CA. I did all the real estate photos of the interiors of the 4 bedroom unit and exterior photos for this listing. The interior photos of the 4 bedroom unit was featured in the flyer. For a 4 bedroom condo this unit was very large. You can see that the photos I used in the flyer captures just how big the space really is. Real estate flyers are a great way to showcase any property and almost every listing will have a flyer on hand at the listing. However, professionally designed and commercially printed flyers will put any agent’s presentation heads and shoulders above the crowd. I custom design my flyers from scratch with input from my clients. You have total control over the look of the flyer! All my flyers are printed by a local commercial printer that produces photographic quality  prints. They are printed on 20lb glossy cover stock to give them a quality feel when put in the hands of potential buyers and potential clients. Professional printing means that they are printed from edge to edge minus a white border that you see on unprofessional printers such as a copy shop or a home printer. I also hand deliver them in San Mateo County and San Francisco within 24 hours of the flyer being approved. There is no other service like this! Please check out my website for more info on my flyer services: Real Estate Flyer Services   You can view the listing for this property here: 315-317 Orchard Rd, Redwood City

real estate flyers for open houses


real estate flyers for open houses

Sunny Days in San Bruno!

I was requested to shoot a house in San Bruno earlier this month. Being a real estate photographer it is nice to see consistent sunny days all over the Bay Area and here in. This home had a beautiful garden in the front yard and made good use of that sunshine. The cathedral ceiling in the family room made for some great photos. The kitchen, dining room, and the rest of house was very easy to photograph as well due to the sunshine and skylights. To see more of my photography please visit my website here:  Rick Rowland Photography

San Mateo Home with Sparkling Pool

I really enjoy photographing homes with pools in the backyards. Especially homes like this where I can catch the sparkling blue of the blue through the windows. It really makes the photos pop and makes the home stand out.  I did a 3D tour of this home and will post it in a later blog post. Be sure to check it out!


Stunning Poolside Condo in San Mateo

A beautiful condo in sunny San Mateo that was professionally remodeled, staged, and move-in-ready. The photos turned out great on this gorgeous condo with fresh hardwood floors and paint.

First Flyer of the New Year!

I wrote about the blue sky replacement on this home in San Mateo earlier. The agent elected to go with my flyer services as well. She wanted a lot of verbiage on the flyer. No problem! I was able to incorporate all of her verbiage into the flyer and still make it look great. The flyers were printed and delivered to the home Friday afternoon. Plenty of time for the open house on Saturday!

san mateo flyer front


san mateo flyer back


Beautiful Home in South City

Here’s a beautiful in South San Francisco that will show brilliantly once it is on the market. The home featured fresh updates and a modern kitchen. Check out the view from the living room!