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3D Virtual Tours- San Francisco Bay Area

Doing 3D virtual tours in the San Francisco Bay Area has been such a great experience. The 3D virtual tours powered by Matterport have enhanced my real estate photography services tenfold. Each 3D virtual tour is compatible with the latest virtual reality headsets such as Google Daydream & Cardboard or Samsung Gear. The 3D virtual tours can be seen on virtually (pun intended!) any device. Whether your clients and buyers are viewing your listing on a PC desktop computer or an iPad, iPhone, or Android mobile device your 3D virtual tour will be seen flawlessly! For more information about my 3D virtual tours please visit my website: 3D Virtual Tours


3D Virtual Tours in San Francisco

3D virtual tours powered by Matterport are really catching on in the San Francisco Bay Area. I enjoy very much providing these immersive and interactive virtual tours for my clients. Having a 3D virtual tour will give potential buyers a unique experience by showing them a virtual walk-through on virtually any device. These 3D virtual tours are compatible on iPads, Android tablets, PCs & MACS, and iPhones and Android powered phones. For a completely immersive experience these 3D tours are also easily converted into a virtual reality experience when paired with Google Daydream & Cardboard or Samsung Gear. Having one of these 3D virtual tours in your real estate listing presentation will also impress potential clients. They will know you go the extra mile to sell their house. I provide some of the best rates in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information on my 3D virtual tour services please see my website for more samples and pricing: 3D Virtual Tours by Rick Rowland Photography

Stylish San Francisco Home

This Bernal Heights home in San Francisco had everything. The spacious Master Suite on the private 3rd level to the cool family room on the lower level. This was a cool home to shoot. Check out the twilight photos!

Perfectly Preserved Rec Room

I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the basement of the Belmont, CA home. The wood paneling and exposed beams all screamed of a decor of a time gone by. The standalone fireplace just solidified that. As beautiful as this space is to look at, it is a very challenging to photograph. I was up for it! The low ceilings and dark wood will play havoc on my flash, not to mention my white balance. These are the types of rooms that will create a color cast in the photos. You may notice a yellow or red color cast. I am able to correct this in Camera RAW and later at the end of my processing in Photoshop if necessary. Nevertheless, this room made me want to pour a Bud Light and shoot a game of pool!