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Real Estate Photography- Natural Wood Surfaces

Real estate photography in the Bay Area is challenging because almost every home is different.  This is why I love being a real estate photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I get to see many different types of homes. Real estate is a lot like people- some homes are more photogenic then others. With people, you turn to a professional photographer to capture your “best” side. Same goes with real estate. Smart real estate agents turn to a professional photographer when they need their real estate listing photographed with it’s “best” side showing. Continue reading

3D Virtual Tour in Park Side Home

This 3D virtual tour was done in an amazing home is just across the street from one San Carlos‘ premier parks. Using the Matterport camera really captures a home in an immersive way. Viewers can literally walk through the home virtually. I set up all my 3D virtual tours to be compatible with the latest virtual reality apps such as Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR .  For more info on 3D virtual tours that Rick Rowland Photography offers click here. Check out the tour here:

San Carlos Bungalow

A beautifully remodeled home in San Carlos. Everything about the interior of this home made for better phots. From the brightly colored walls, the white lights in the inset lighting, to the white themed staging. This home was made picture perfect!

3D Virtual Tour in San Carlos

Here is the 3D virtual tour of the home in San Carlos whose photos I posted a few days ago. Don’t get me wrong, real estate photography is still king when listing a home, but to truly see a listing one most experience it. 3D virtual tours bring the public into the listing with just a click of the mouse. For a total immersive experience these tours are compatible with the most popular virtual reality apps. These are the next WOW factor!

One of a Kind Home in San Carlos

I know it sounds cliche to say “one-of-a-kind”, but I have been in and out of literally hundreds of homes and this home really stood out. I’ve written in the past of how I really get impressed when a home utilizes all it’s space. This home is no exception, as it was a home that kept on going even when it didn’t appear to have anymore to give. The beautiful Master Suite produced several photos and all were great! I also did a 3D scan of this home, be looking for it in a blog post soon!

Beautiful Ranch Style Home in San Carlos

I photographed this home this week in San Carlos. Being a real estate photographer is a great way to see many great homes and this one was no exception. I really liked the beautiful fireplace in the living room and the separate family room with patio access was awesome. Enjoy!

Spectacular San Carlos Ranch Home

I shot this beautiful home in November and have been wanting to showcase it for some time. The staging in this home was brilliantly done. I actually did a color study on the colors in the Master Bedroom and saved them in my library where I have been using these colors for various designs.  Check them out:

Check out the photos of the home: