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Brand New Remodel in Noe Valley, San Francisco

I’ve been getting a lot of work in San Francisco this year and I love it! Photographing real estate in San Francisco presents its own challenges that I normally don’t see in San Mateo County. Things are a little tighter and taller in the city! However, when I walk into a home like this, I know I made the right choice in accepting more shoots in SF! 

A Great Way to Showcase a Listing- Use 360 Panoramas

360 panoramas are the original virtual tours. They have become a widely acceptable format on social media sites with the proliferation of 360 degree cameras. 360 panoramas can be seen everywhere. People take these at concerts, markets, the beach, hiking trips, and just about anywhere that a 360 panorama can be used to tell the “whole” story. They have long been used in real estate as a great way to show the interior and exterior of a property. Even with more sophisticated mediums such as 3D tours, 360 degree panoramas can be an effective way to showcase a listing and they are very inexpensive as well. I only charge $40 for 2 panoramas and only $74.99 for 4 panoramas. This will save you hundreds of dollars!