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Real Estate Photography- Natural Wood Surfaces

Real estate photography in the Bay Area is challenging because almost every home is different.  This is why I love being a real estate photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I get to see many different types of homes. Real estate is a lot like people- some homes are more photogenic then others. With people, you turn to a professional photographer to capture your “best” side. Same goes with real estate. Smart real estate agents turn to a professional photographer when they need their real estate listing photographed with it’s “best” side showing. Continue reading

Another Great Day in Foster City

Foster City has a lot of variety and this patio home was a lot of fun to photograph. The exposed ceilings with skylights provided plenty of light to make any real estate photographer smile. The mahogany hardwood floors presented a challenge, however the home and photographer overcame it! I This was a very memorable home and enjoyed every aspect photographing it. From working onsite to doing the post processing to writing a blog post about it– this is one of those homes that make being a real estate photographer in San Mateo County a pure pleasure! Check out my website for more photos and info on my real estate photography: http://www.rcrphoto.com/index.html

Charming Home in San Jose

Doing real estate photography in the San Francisco Bay Area takes me to a lot of awesome homes. This home I photographed in San Jose recently just that- awesome! This home was remodeled and staged beautifully. It made taking photos of this property a real treat. 

1200 Gough St High Rise with Panoramic Views

San Francisco offers some of the best views in the world and this condo has some of the best of the best views! Sitting just across the street from Cathedral Of Saint Mary Of The Assumption one can see the Sutra Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge as well. Beautiful!

How Many Real Estate Photos do I need for My Listing?

One less thing you, as a real estate agent, needs to worry about is what type of real estate photography package to purchase for your real estate photos. I’ve listed the basic requirements of an average sized house- 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. Here is how it would measure up: Continue reading

Clean and Sunny San Bruno Home

I recently wrote a post in this very blog about how to prepare an occupied home for photos. This home owner and real estate agent teamed up and did a stupendous job! TH e rooms were perfectly de-cluttered, beds crisp, and lighting spot on. It was even empty of all occupants except for the agent when I arrived. I couldn’t have asked for a better photo shoot!

Preparing an Occupied Home for Photos

As a real estate photographer, I am always asked in an occupied house how a room should look during a shoot. I am not an interior designer and don’t claim to be. I do have opinions, but my opinions are just that, opinions. However, I do have some tips and observations that I can share from a photographer’s perspective to make the photos of an occupied home stand out. These are not design tips, but tips to make the home shine in the listing photographs.

Continue reading

Stylish San Francisco Home

This Bernal Heights home in San Francisco had everything. The spacious Master Suite on the private 3rd level to the cool family room on the lower level. This was a cool home to shoot. Check out the twilight photos!