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Real Estate Photography in San Mateo County

Being a real estate photographer in San Mateo County means I have to cover a lot of ground.  San Mateo County extends as far south as Menlo Park and goes all the way to Daly City in the north. San Mateo County also covers a wide swath of the Peninsula Coast as well. The home featured today was photographed in one of my favorite San Mateo County cities- Pacifica. One a clear day Pacifica can offer some of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire Peninsula. Most of the time I travel to Pacifica to doa real estate listing shoot I think of the Pacific Coast as a backdrop for my photos. However, all of Pacifica’s beauty doesn’t lie on the coast alone.  This home, in the Linda Mar area of Pacifica, had spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and Sweeney Ridge.  The agent and I picked a perfect time to shoot this home that was facing to the southwest. The sun was high enough to cast light on both front and back yards and also low enough to cast a beautiful glow on the surrounding ridges. The extremely wet spring also helped to maintain the green color on the mountains to give it a colorful look that you wouldn’t find later in the season. We can’t always control the weather, the sun, and time of the shoot, but sometimes everything comes together perfectly aligned like this one.  For more information on my real estate photography services please see my website here: http://www.rcrphoto.com/

Real Estate Photography- Natural Wood Surfaces

Real estate photography in the Bay Area is challenging because almost every home is different.  This is why I love being a real estate photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I get to see many different types of homes. Real estate is a lot like people- some homes are more photogenic then others. With people, you turn to a professional photographer to capture your “best” side. Same goes with real estate. Smart real estate agents turn to a professional photographer when they need their real estate listing photographed with it’s “best” side showing. Continue reading