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Spotless Home in Burlingame

I love home with lot’s of artwork adorning the walls. The artwork is fun to look at and makes the photos come to life. Can you believe this home was owner occupied?

One of a Kind Home in San Carlos

I know it sounds cliche to say “one-of-a-kind”, but I have been in and out of literally hundreds of homes and this home really stood out. I’ve written in the past of how I really get impressed when a home utilizes all it’s space. This home is no exception, as it was a home that kept on going even when it didn’t appear to have anymore to give. The beautiful Master Suite produced several photos and all were great! I also did a 3D scan of this home, be looking for it in a blog post soon!

Preparing an Occupied Home for Photos

As a real estate photographer, I am always asked in an occupied house how a room should look during a shoot. I am not an interior designer and don’t claim to be. I do have opinions, but my opinions are just that, opinions. However, I do have some tips and observations that I can share from a photographer’s perspective to make the photos of an occupied home stand out. These are not design tips, but tips to make the home shine in the listing photographs.

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