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3D Virtual Tours that are Immersive and Interactive

Virtual tours are now, virtual tours! You can finally say goodbye to the boring slideshows that many virtual tour companies packaged as a virtual experience. I’m a real estate photographer, and I know that static photos are not a virtual experience. Only true 3D virtual tours powered by Matterport can call themselves actual virtual tours. With my experienced eye for real estate listings and Matterport’s technology, I have been able to meld together a perfect harmony of features, experiences, and interactions to make a truly exceptional experience for your clients, buyers, and potential clients. By utilizing the features within the 3D tour to it’s fullest I can create, for you, an amazing well-rounded package for your listing. I will use my professional HDR photography and embed highlights into the virtual tours that will make the features of the home literally jump out at the user, in a good way! Matterport’s limited outdoor capabilities are not an issue when I can also embed exterior photos right in the 3D virtual tour. Using descriptor tags, I can keep your viewers interested and engaged. These tags can point them in the direction where an important feature of the home mighty be, such as the Master Suite. The tags can also point out descriptive information that you want to feature in your listing. Viewers will want to know details. Is that a granite or a marble countertop?  What type of wood was used for the flooring in the living room? Who designed the home?  The amount of information you want to input is endless. And right upfront you can have your branding front and center as they walk through the front door. You could even have a video greeting embedded right into the tour! How cool is that?  Visit my website today for pricing and more information on how you can turn your ordinary listing into a true immersive and interactive experience that will make an impact on your clients, buyers, and potential clients.

3D Virtual Tour in San Mateo

I did the photography for this home in San Mateo and posted the photos a few days ago. I was also lucky enough to use my Matterport camera and scan a 3D tour of this really cool house. Everyone gets excited when I talk about 3D tours. I have been doing several of these and will post when I get a chance. Check this one out!


3D Virtual Tour Page on Website

I am very excited to share my new 3D virtual tour web page I have published onto my website. This will give everyone a chance to see some of the beautiful 3D tours I have made and answer some lingering questions about 3D virtual tours. This exciting new venture holds a lot of promise in real estate, as it is now possible to transport the casual and serious listing browser alike right into the property while using virtually any device. I am thrilled to be part of this new technology. Check out my 3D page here:

3D Virtual Tours by Rick Rowland


3D Tour in San Francisco

I continue to explore the possibilities and opportunities of creating 3D tours. These tours are extremely engaging to the viewers and also compatible with virtual reality applications. This is a 3 story home in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood. Enjoy!


3D Tours Now Available!

I am really excited to announce that I am now doing 3D Tours! I am really excited to be working with this technology and look forward to all the benefits that 3D imaging will bring to my clients. Here is my very first 3D tour.