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Spotless Home in Burlingame

I love home with lot’s of artwork adorning the walls. The artwork is fun to look at and makes the photos come to life. Can you believe this home was owner occupied?

A Burlingame Keeper!

I have been in and of hundreds of homes and I am always excited when a home “wows” me. This home did just that when I walked through the front door. I knew it was going to be a nice home when I shot the front exterior, but wasn’t expecting to be blown away! The staging totally inspired me with the bold use of color. This home is definitely a keeper! 

Large Burlingame Home on Secluded Lot

This home was kept up immaculately in its original condition with some modern upgrades. The tree canopy from the secluded lot makes a home like this challenging to photograph. However, the upkeep and fresh interior surfaces made the home very photogenic.


Commercial Real Estate Twilights

Much of what I do in residential real estate translate well into the commercial real estate arena. Here are a couple of twilight photos I took of a commercial property in Burlingame. 


Showcase Home in Burlingame

As of late I have been shooting a lot of rental properties. I believe the rental market is becoming more competitive on the Peninsula. Leasing agents and landlords alike are pulling the stops and bringing pros, such as myself, to present their homes in the best possible way. This beautiful home in Burlingame should not find it difficult to find new tenant.