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Stunning Real Estate in Marin County

Marin County has some of the best real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area. I will jump at the chance to use my superb real estate photography skills to enhance any listing in Marin. This home was no slouch. It featured breathtaking views and beautiful interiors. This home was well worth the trip from my home base in San Mateo to photograph. For more information on my real estate photography services please visit my website: RCRphoto.com



San Francisco Views

It gets nothing better than a clear day where the views of San Francisco unfold from a home’s deck, picture window, or backyard. Real estate photography is very dependant on the weather. Sure, I can do real estate listing photos on a cloudy day, but as we all know it’s so much when that blue sky is present and the views are wide open. This home in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco offered a lot of character for me to photograph. It also had a surprise very spacious in-law unit on the lower level. One would have never guessed this house packed so much living space from viewing it from the curb. I really like homes like that. The ones that are an adventure to shoot because you never know what’s behind that closed door or down those carpeted stairs. Yes, this was a good day to be a real estate photographer in San Francisco! Check out more of my real estate marketing services on my website: http://www.rcrphoto.com/


San Francisco Real Estate- Photos of a Noe Valley Home

Doing real estate photography in San Francisco is a lot of fun. I get to see a lot of cool homes and this Noe Valley home with modern updates was no exception. This home has spacious rooms and an open floor plan on the main living level. The lighting was great with all ample windows and having a bright and clear sunny morning didn’t hurt either. The homeowners worked hard to prepare this home for the photos and that hard work really paid off. It made my job a lot easier to just come in and shoot photos