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Rick Rowland produces professional real estate photography in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rick is a high-end photographer, and photographs all property types. Real estate agents who want the best in Bay Area real estate photography will choose Rick. With over 5 years experience Rick can photograph any home type. He has photographed 100’s of homes in San Francisco Bay Area.

Why Choose Rick?

Rick is professional and will produce high quality photos. Choosing Rick will mean your get a reliable photographer and, he will deliver on time. You are guaranteed to receive your real estate photos on time, or you won’t have to pay. Using HDR photography Rick will make your real estate listing shine.  Many real estate agents in the San Francisco Bay Area have used Rick with excellent results. Call today and hire Rick as your real estate photographer. He is the go-to real estate photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Lower Hillsborough Estate

Doing real estate photography in Hillsborough is never dull. I feel fortunate that I am called upon frequently to photograph some of the finest estates the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer. There is no shortage of such estates in Lower Hillsborough. The homes in this coveted area have sprawling lawns, dramatic roof lines, and spectacular landscaping making for stunning exterior photos. The interiors of these homes in Hillsborough don’t disappoint either. Here are some interior photography examples of stately formal living rooms, stunning open staircases, luxurious Master Suites, and professional grade kitchens. This Hillsborough home is California real estate at its finest and was a pure joy to photograph. Click here for the listing of this home on Zillow. For information on my real estate photography and marketing services please visit my website: Rick Rowland Photography



Stunning Real Estate in Marin County

Marin County has some of the best real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area. I will jump at the chance to use my superb real estate photography skills to enhance any listing in Marin. This home was no slouch. It featured breathtaking views and beautiful interiors. This home was well worth the trip from my home base in San Mateo to photograph. For more information on my real estate photography services please visit my website: RCRphoto.com



Real Estate Listing Photos in Los Altos Hills

Los Altos real estate provides a lot of opportunities to produce awesome listing photos. This home is a prime example of the kind of expansive views one would find in the real estate market in Los Altos Hills of Santa Clara County.  The bay views from the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains or exceptional. The cathedral ceilings and high window transoms perfectly accentuated the views of the San Francisco Bay and the mountains beyond. The exposed ceilings didn’t hinder my ability to shoot bright and crisp photos because they were expertly painted white. In main living areas I was able to capture the beautifuls views from almost every angle I positioned my camera. This was a great shoot in a great home! To reserve a real estate photo shoot please fill out my convenient reservation  form here: Reservations  I’ll be in touch within 24 hours!

San Francisco Views

It gets nothing better than a clear day where the views of San Francisco unfold from a home’s deck, picture window, or backyard. Real estate photography is very dependant on the weather. Sure, I can do real estate listing photos on a cloudy day, but as we all know it’s so much when that blue sky is present and the views are wide open. This home in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco offered a lot of character for me to photograph. It also had a surprise very spacious in-law unit on the lower level. One would have never guessed this house packed so much living space from viewing it from the curb. I really like homes like that. The ones that are an adventure to shoot because you never know what’s behind that closed door or down those carpeted stairs. Yes, this was a good day to be a real estate photographer in San Francisco! Check out more of my real estate marketing services on my website: http://www.rcrphoto.com/


San Francisco Skyline

We’ve had a lot of clear skies in San Francisco as of late. When I was asked to do the real estate listing photos for this South of Market condo I was very pleased when I arrived to see sunny skies in San Francisco. Sunny skies make my job as a real estate photographer a snap. I love seeing the blue sky pulled in from the windows on the interior photos. The house interiors are much more vibrant on sunny days and photograph much easier. The exterior photos on a sunny day are a given. Exterior photos really pop beneath blue skies.  The white interiors coupled with the sunny blue skies really made this condo look amazing on this shoot. When the real estate agent took me to the rooftop deck I was really impressed with the views. The San Francisco skyline just beckoned to be photographed. I don’t know if there could be a more perfect day to shoot this condo in SOMA. To see more of my real estate photography please visit my website here: San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate Photographer     To see the listing for this condo click here: 920 Harrison St. Unit #8, San Francisco

Real Estate Photography in San Mateo County

Being a real estate photographer in San Mateo County means I have to cover a lot of ground.  San Mateo County extends as far south as Menlo Park and goes all the way to Daly City in the north. San Mateo County also covers a wide swath of the Peninsula Coast as well. The home featured today was photographed in one of my favorite San Mateo County cities- Pacifica. One a clear day Pacifica can offer some of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire Peninsula. Most of the time I travel to Pacifica to doa real estate listing shoot I think of the Pacific Coast as a backdrop for my photos. However, all of Pacifica’s beauty doesn’t lie on the coast alone.  This home, in the Linda Mar area of Pacifica, had spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and Sweeney Ridge.  The agent and I picked a perfect time to shoot this home that was facing to the southwest. The sun was high enough to cast light on both front and back yards and also low enough to cast a beautiful glow on the surrounding ridges. The extremely wet spring also helped to maintain the green color on the mountains to give it a colorful look that you wouldn’t find later in the season. We can’t always control the weather, the sun, and time of the shoot, but sometimes everything comes together perfectly aligned like this one.  For more information on my real estate photography services please see my website here: http://www.rcrphoto.com/

San Francisco Real Estate Photography

Some homes will produce a beautiful photo no matter where I point my camera. This home is one of those. As a real estate photographer in San Francisco I meet a lot of challenging conditions. The only challenge with a home like this is to decide where to point my camera next. Being a Victorian Bungalow in Ingleside Terrace already gives this home a lot of character. Don’t let the descriptor “Bungalow” fool you. This place was huge! With over 2,800 sqft of living space this home offered many photo opportunities. See the bonus room with the high ceilings and window transoms! However, the homeowners took lovely care of this home and updated throughout the years. The expert agent prepared the home for it’s presentation to the market flawlessly. When it was my turn to capture the home through my lens and produce high quality real estate listing photos, my job was a snap. Check out the sky replacement on the front photo! To see more about my real estate photography services and all my other services I provide in the San Francisco Bay Area please check out my website here: Rick Rowland Photography  Also, be on the lookout for the 3D virtual tour I did for this property. Will be posting it soon! To view the listing for this home see the real estate listing ( it was in contract at the time of this blog post) for this home click here: 60 Urbano Dr., San Francisco

San Francisco Real Estate- Tight Spaces

Most of the real estate photos I produce in the San Francisco real estate market are apartment homes in converted buildings. Many of these buildings were built at the turn of the century and offer a lot of character making for some great photos. These smaller spaces offer challenges and as a real estate photographer I take them head on. I try not to distort the rooms, but I also want to cover the entire room as I would in a spacious Hillsborough Estate. This where my wide angle lens performs best. I am able shoot wall-to-walk and ceiling-to-floor. I also try to best capture the layout of the home. Telling the home’s story of how the kitchen is connected to the dining room and the dining room is connected to the living room, etc… really helps buyers understand the potential of the home just from the photos.  During my post shooting process I then use my HDR skills to blend and really open up the shadows in the photos. This where the magic happens. Having the brightest and widest possible photos makes the rooms pop. This shows potential buyers the home interiors at it’s best as they shop for homes on the internet. My clients’ photos always stand out in a very crowded market! Check out this owner occupied home in the Hayes Valley neighborhood in the heart of San Francisco. 

San Francisco Real Estate- Photos of a Noe Valley Home

Doing real estate photography in San Francisco is a lot of fun. I get to see a lot of cool homes and this Noe Valley home with modern updates was no exception. This home has spacious rooms and an open floor plan on the main living level. The lighting was great with all ample windows and having a bright and clear sunny morning didn’t hurt either. The homeowners worked hard to prepare this home for the photos and that hard work really paid off. It made my job a lot easier to just come in and shoot photos

Real Estate Photography- Natural Wood Surfaces

Real estate photography in the Bay Area is challenging because almost every home is different.  This is why I love being a real estate photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I get to see many different types of homes. Real estate is a lot like people- some homes are more photogenic then others. With people, you turn to a professional photographer to capture your “best” side. Same goes with real estate. Smart real estate agents turn to a professional photographer when they need their real estate listing photographed with it’s “best” side showing. Continue reading

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