Most of the real estate photos I produce in the San Francisco real estate market are apartment homes in converted buildings. Many of these buildings were built at the turn of the century and offer a lot of character making for some great photos. These smaller spaces offer challenges and as a real estate photographer I take them head on. I try not to distort the rooms, but I also want to cover the entire room as I would in a spacious Hillsborough Estate. This where my wide angle lens performs best. I am able shoot wall-to-walk and ceiling-to-floor. I also try to best capture the layout of the home. Telling the home’s story of how the kitchen is connected to the dining room and the dining room is connected to the living room, etc… really helps buyers understand the potential of the home just from the photos.  During my post shooting process I then use my HDR skills to blend and really open up the shadows in the photos. This where the magic happens. Having the brightest and widest possible photos makes the rooms pop. This shows potential buyers the home interiors at it’s best as they shop for homes on the internet. My clients’ photos always stand out in a very crowded market! Check out this owner occupied home in the Hayes Valley neighborhood in the heart of San Francisco.